The Sherman STEM Teacher Scholars Program supports scholars to become culturally responsive and compassionate STEM educators by collaborating with UMBC faculty and local schools. Through school-based partnerships, the program facilitates authentic learning experiences for scholars while promoting student achievement and engagement in STEM.

The program provides academic and professional coaching to help scholars become high-quality teachers in STEM fields and for urban schools. Scholars in early childhood and elementary education prepare to be experts in teaching and integrating STEM subject areas, while secondary candidates become experts in teaching their STEM discipline.

Sherman Teacher Scholars demonstrate the following qualities:

  • strong academic aptitude and enthusiasm in STEM disciplines
  • commitment to social justice and community engagement
  • open-minded and reflective in mindset and practice
  • principled in belief that all children deserve a high-quality education

A generous gift from George and Betsy Sherman, founders of the Sherman Family Foundation, supports the Sherman Teacher Scholars Program.

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